About us

The Beskydy Dancers take their name from the Beskydy Mountains, which link Slovakia with the Czech regions of Moravia and Bohemia.  Founded by Hedda Klingerova Jolly, our group have been learning and performing dances from these regions since 1952.  Our aim is to preserve and promote the vibrant folk dance and musical traditions of the Czech and Slovak Republics- which we do with great pride and energy.  2012 marked our 60th anniversary!

We perform in simplified versions of authentic folk costumes, accompanied by our professional accordionist, and occasionally, musicians from the ‘Beskydy’ band.  We dance waltzes and polkas from Bohemia – both gentle and boisterous; proud dances from Moravia; the famous cardáš from Slovakia – exhilarating and fast. Many of our dances combine with mime and song to tell a story: the bottle dance (Fl’aškový Tanec), the rain dance (Prší, prší) or the course of a river (Cindrušky).

So, who are we? Our group consists mainly of British people, who have roots in the Czech and Slovak Republics, or have lived and worked there. Many of us have visited the region, and have been inspired by live folklore: the music, the dancing and the folk festival atmosphere. We have a few native Czech members, one of whom is our group leader, Hedy Fromings. Click the links below for Hedy’s 2-part interview with Radio Praha, giving an interesting account of her wartime experiences and a history of the Beskydy Dancers.

Hedy Fromings part 1               Hedy Fromings part 2