More questions about what to expect when you come to a class? Read on! If you have any questions that are not answered here, please contact us at beskydy.dancers@gmail.com

Am I too old/ inexperienced?
Certainly not! Our age range is an impressive 33 to 60-something. Some of our dancers have a background in folk dance and/or ballet, and the extra experience helps. Others have no previous experience; but have developed through their dedication and love of dance.

What happens in your classes?
If you have been to one of our workshops at Dance Around the World, you will have taken part in we call ‘community dances’ (which begin in a circle, and break off into couple waltzes and figures), and simplified versions of one or two of our performance dances. During our classes, we mainly focus on learning, teaching, and polishing up our performance dances. We have a few girls’ circle dances, but the majority of our dances involve dancing in pairs, and sometimes changing partners during the dance.

What should I wear?
Some of us wear leggings and a tshirt. Others wear a tshirt or loose top, with an a-line skirt. We recommend wearing, or bringing a skirt you can slip on, as some of our dances involve holding our skirts . You will get also get a better feel for the dances.

Will I need special shoes?
For the first few sessions, you can manage with whatever you feel comfortable in, so long as they are sensible and not too slippery. Too much slip will make your dancing difficult to control, and could cause an accident. Too much grip (eg trainers/tennis shoes) will make it difficult to move your feet.

It’s best to invest in a pair of canvas or leather character shoes, as these have leather/resin soles which provide the right amount of slip and grip. We also use them for performances.

For women, cuban heel ‘character shoes‘ or are best, but a heel that is higher than 3 cms is probably too high for folk dancing.  Jazz shoes will be fine for rehearsals.

For men, we recommend ballroom/ latin shoes, ‘oxfords‘, or jazz shoes These normally have leather/suede soles and a 1-inch heel.


It is easy to order dance shoes online, but it is best to try them on in a shop first. Try londondance.com for a good list of shops, including online retailers. There are a number of dancewear shops in the West End, including several on Drury Lane. We recommend:

Freed:  http://www.freedoflondon.com
Bloch:  http://www.blochshop.co.uk
Dancia Internationalhttp://www.dancia.co.uk/

What is the charge per class?
£8 per class (unwaged £7). Your first class will be free.

How much of a commitment should I make?
We recognise that people might be worried about committing, but you can come along to as many sessions as your schedule allows. Ideally it’s best to come every week so we can teach you the repertoire and give you plenty of attention! This is particularly important if you are performing with us, as rehearsal time is vital for a polished performance.

Do I have to perform?
Not if you don’t want to, but we recommend it as it is good for the group as a whole and will develop your performance skills and confidence! Bear in mind that we are a performing group and you will be more involved if you perform with us, particularly during show rehearsals. We dance in several shows a year.

Any perks?
You will keep your own set of authentic folk costumes- “kroj”- for performances, which you will have for as long as you are with the group. We do ask that you keep your kroje clean and undertake simple adjustments and repairs on the fabric, if the need arises.

Peter, our accordionist enlivens our classes with some wonderfully authentic Czech and Slovak music.  Learn more about his band “Beskydy” here.